How to Become a Licensed Practical Nurse 

One of the reasons why a lot of people are afraid to take on nursing as a career choice is because the demanding nature of the job let alone the academic course to be one. Although a bachelor’s degree in nursing is one the standards in order to become a nurse, what you need to understand that you don’t necessarily need to take on this academic course if you want to become a healthcare worker. One of the options that you could choose in order to become a nurse is to take a Practical Nursing course. 


In order for you to gain the necessary experience to become a nurse, what you could do is to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. What you need to understand is that this career path is considered to be essential in a healthcare team, because LPNs usually work closely with registered nurses and doctors in order to provide care for patients who need to be taken care of. Therefore, if you are planning to work on the healthcare industry without necessarily having to go through with the rigid process of being a doctor or a registered nurse, here are some things that you could use in order to become one through a 6 month LPN Program: 

1. Enroll 

One of the things that you could do in order to become a licensed practical nurse is to enroll in a program for the same. You have to complete this program for about 6 months in order for you to garner a diploma. In this program, you will certainly learn different information and skills in relation to healthcare such as basic nursing skills, as well as coursework and most importantly, clinical experience. Enrolling in a good institution is the key in order for you to have a great education with respect to the course. You need to understand that choosing a school with nursing instructors that has the necessary and genuine healthcare experience is important if you want to finish the course and land in a good-paying and stable job. 

2. Taking Licensure Exam 

In order to become a licensed practical nurse, what you could do next is to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Practical Nurses exam (NCLEX-PN). Yes, you have read it right. After having been educated in a span of only 6 months, you could actually gain a license by taking the aforementioned exam. What you need to understand is that a license is one of the necessary requirement being asked by employers in order to give you the job that you have been dying for. 

3. Staring the Career 

After all your hardships in school and after passing the licensure exam, you could now start your career as a licensed practical nurse. Although you could easily end up a job after this venture, what you need to understand that the nursing profession does not end here. You may proceed to take on other courses in relation to the job. However you want to do it, it is certain that when you are a licensed practical nurse, a lot of opportunities will open for you especially in the healthcare industry.  


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