Teens and Distracted Driving

Teens should know all about distracted teen driving because they are the ones that are likely to figure in a traffic accident than drivers of other age groups. Distracted driving is the main cause of teen driving crashes. Texting is what everyone things when it comes to distracted driving. However, there are a lot of other issues that could push a teen off the highway. 

The biggest distractions for teen drivers are not necessarily cell phones. Sometimes, it is their friends. There are limits on the number of passengers drivers may carry, depending on where you live. But regardless if there’s a law around that in your place or not, then parents and guardians might have to consider setting their own rules when it comes to these things. 


The Truth about Teen Accidents  


Almost 58% of accidents that involve teenage drivers are caused by distracted driving, and the leading factor for which is passenger contact. Experts also suggested that during the teen’s first six months behind the wheel, they have one passenger who is a member of the family. 


Some studies also showed that with more teenage passengers in the car, the chances for the teen driver to get into a traffic accident is higher. So, make sure to talk about your new teen driver about these risks. Sending him or her to an Oklahoma driving school could help a lot.  


Teen Driving and Mobile Devices  


Mobile phones and teen drivers can disrupt all kinds of drivers, but this can be a particularly dangerous instance for teens with little driving experience. Text-related accidents kill almost 10 people every day.  


It won’t matter if your state requires teenage drivers to enroll in a Tulsa driving school before they could get a driver’s license. You must ensure that your child is involved in a driver’s school that addresses the risks of using a mobile phone while driving, at the very least. 


While in most states texting while driving is illegal, it’s necessary for you to persuade your teenager not to use the phone when they are driving. Even using hands-free devices to chat when driving results in slower response time if you having high blood alcohol level. 


How to Avoid Distracted Driving 


To avoid distracted driving, tell your teen to turn off their mobile phone or keep it in his or her bag or in the glove compartment. Technology is also available which could help address the issue. There are also a lot of devices that activate on as soon as the driver hits a speed and stops them from using the phone when the car is moving. There are apps that have received particularly high reviews from consumers but other versions of such technology are also provided by major mobile phone line providers. 


When it comes to making sure that your teens are safe when driving, setting a good example is the best thing to do. Many factors may trigger distracted driving, even the simplest things like keeping the radio on or looking for road signs. Eliminating all obstacles is impossible but you must always try setting the right example for your teenager. Sending them to a Tulsa auto school is one way to ensure that you’re getting them ready for the road.